A rupee and A Prayer....

"Wonder what the title says- read on.... i got to meet this guy who was sharing his testimony, this was not a great extravagant stuff but is quite meaningful.
Seems it was the latter stages of a month, he was running out of money, all he had was a rupee and he had already traveled far and has walked enough to reach his home. It was a Sunday and he had that only 1 rupee, he was so hungry didn't feed his stomach nor his soul. As he was walking, his home was past a kebab stall.... as it was evening the smoke from the grill, the display tickled his taste buds.... :( all he can do is just say a word "WISH I HAD THIS .....". He reached his home, he stayed in a hostel as he was working away from his parents. He had a cup of water and was planing to sleep off.. and there he hears his hand phone ringing, it was his friend who asked where he was staying, came to his home and took him to attend the evening service .... and later on took him to his home, to his surprise the dinner was the same kebab he had wished in the eve :).... the inference he gave me was this .
God gives me my daily bread,why should i worry. Just stay calm God will do wonders-
"God meets daily needs daily. Not weekly or annually. He will give you what you need when it is needed-Max Lucado"- Listening to people often brings you enormous amount of energy. Sometimes, their stories of rising up from the greatest challenge inspires us - -As usual people watching is inspiring, meaningful and more than that it speaks about the vast differences we have within ourselves..... :) 


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