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Leaders are not always born to leaders

I saw a two line mention about a leaders daughter failing to fight for an issue pertaining to Human Rights.
All that i could recollect was the best debates and some personal experiences with the community which  enriches me on leadership and ancestral recognition.

Most of the time the world now seems to drive leadership more towards hereditary type as in the sons and daughters of the leader or the most powerful tend to come and occupy the same place knowing not about him or herself.

No one knows what the seed can yield unless it is nurtured and till the time it come to the stage of yielding fruit. There should be equal composition of the young and the old, same in gender composition, as Plato says if a man is good at house hold labour let him do it , if a woman is good at ruling and administering let her take that place. There shall be no bias in gender or economic disparities when you choose a leader it shall be done with strict selection without any inside motives let the capable r…

Mesmerized by her!

It is going to be sharp a year since i met this beautiful girl, she is smart and rich in values as in humble, truthful and obedient. I have this feeling when i work with her she is older than me, shorter than me, fairer than me, not belonging to my country but she is amazing.

Whatever i try to get rid of her she keeps holding on to my memory as a impression on a rock. I lack what they call it courage to tell it to her, right to her eyes that i love her so so so much. When i listen to the music i like she is there, when i sleep down she plays the farewell.

Its a big trouble these days, not able to think properly not able to me myself not able to work with her, she distracts me huge time and she is the biggest temptation.Its a beautiful feeling to be in love and it is most amazing to fall in love with a woman like this.

There is only one more month left to let out the magic and if i don't express it now i cannot do it anymore. Hope i will say it and speak to my blog about the devel…

Divided into 2

No wonder the words of PLATO is always true " the city is divided into two" - the rich and the poor, the weak and the strong. This is the biggest gap which is always a challenge to the governments to fill it. Is it because there are no efficient philosophers are absent or is it because wrong posts are held by right persons who should be at the posts they are good at.

In the context of today's politicians, most of them are hierarchical in nature be it business or sports or media most of the time the elders fail to identify the strengths of their heirs and solely depend on saving their past empire they have built. There is poor leadership which is produced with lack of proper exposure to the lower grass root level in relevance to politics and development.

Why is that very few people  who are intelligent choose to operate out of politics and large amount of individuals who are power seeking and poor change and transformation seeking stay in politics and even sustain their …

“The laundry bag that made friends”

This was yet another friends making event, I think it was my first ever experience to stay in a 3 star hotel alone. I was running out of space in my backpack so I wanted an extra bag to be carried I was searching the room so I could find something. My search ended when I found an eco-friendly bag, I was so happy that I forgot to look what was written in it “Laundry Bag”. I stuffed couple of papers and books. It was time for yet another second time journey on a domestic flight but that environment never changes my usual country attire. Walked in and was standing at in the que, as my eyes was looking around, it paused when a women of late 40’s kept staring at me? i never looked at her again, after the issue of boarding pass we were let in the security and again she stared at me and this time a sweet smile , I was not moved, I looked again the same expression, what did I do? I walked to her n asked y are u smiling? Said did you read what is written ther in your bag? To my surprise I look…