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Experience holds on tight than heard

Why in our lives, things experienced stays longer than heard or being told? giving it an example, we can never forget an experienced lie than a cautioned advise. We get to know the truth only by merely experiencing it and not by just hearing it.

Many say this is heights of foolishness not to obey instead to suffer and learn, and to add on to this there are various proverbs in support and also contradict this school of thought.

I always vouch for the experience part; learning through experience. Today i am able to share this only because i was able to allow patience in my life. The process of learning through faults. There are many a times i have been told not to do things but i end up doing and continue to suffer for a short span and result in some worthy reflections.

I know the consequences of lies cos i have experiences, i know the consequences of true cos i have equally perished with hard truths.I know how to speak to people cos my ears were fed with back talking.

I cherish  exper…

Success seeks the persevering

What come to our mind when we talk about success, is it related to only smart people probably not to us or is it more relevant to the most successful people. Why is that we never think of big success in our lives why that is so.....

There are various quotes on success, probably most read which is to motivate, to forget or to overcome failures.First let me read what success is, Success means getting a positive or an expected or an above expected level of output based on the effective and constant input which mostly is a result in nature.
If the above lines are so complicated let me put it as clear as possible. Success is an accomplishment or achievement of an aim or a purpose (google ;dictionary).

Perseverance what is this and how is it relevant to success. What is so unique about perseverance, don't let go easy attitude? yes, absolutely right. This is a very important attitude a successful person has.No matter how hard the road is, just get your energy to finish ans accomplish th…

What makes a travel more interesting...

"when you get the first seat on the left of the driver and there is some space left before you. The bus was very crowded there came in 4 school kids straight over me banged me, threw their bags down and sat literally down ! to my surprise they were brothers and sisters, their mom gave 10 rs to the elder one and said share it, there were 4 of them and i watched how they planned to share, one said each take 2 rs and and the remaining two rupees we will by a chocolate and share it :) 

how sweet to hear that ; 2 rs makes them jump high; everyone shook their head for a chocolate for each one for the remaining two rupees . - and more interesting than that one of them slept over my knees during the travel ; but she woke up cos my bones were not giving her comfort :( wish i had some flesh so she would have slept more- People Watching makes me go happy - ZAC-