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The 32 Teeth Mystery!

"God has given each one of us 32 teeth, do you know why ?; cos He meant us to be happy all the days of the month and added one more to it so that we can smile extra"... Smile never costs anything ...... it makes us happy; it double and triples when smiled with many and it keeps doubling.... so smile it costs nothing... ZAC... Random Thoughts...

Travelling with the public transport!

"its peak time in the morning, I chose to get back to my basics , travelling in the public transport. As usual is sat in the first row near to the driver so that i get the view of the driver. During the travel i was able to see a small bicycle being peddled so fast by a small boy with his sister who seems to be elder than him, probably going to work. As this is summer he should be on a holiday, all he did was chose to drop her sister in the bus stop because she was getting late,,,, it was so emotional to see the kid who was literally breathing so hard, sweating so much, waving his hand to his sister with a strong satisfied smile who was able to catch the bus and go on time. It was even more amazing was the driver too understood the effort of the kid and slowed down a bit to give credit to the small kids accomplishment ... Sometimes we are so busy that our eyes are glued to our smart lifeless friend, ears tuned to the same,,,, and miss out on these small wonderful happiness that a…

Family time with a Bicycle!

Its unusual to have such a weather during this peak summer, but its as usual i get to ride on my scooter. I feel so lucky that my travel never leaves me empty. Its late night and i could spot a woman pushing a bicycle, in which a basket was hooked and in which probably a 5yr was sitting comfortably. Along with her was her husband who was dressed in a typical chennai style lungi and unshaved, he was walking beside her, as i could get closer i noticed they were switching turns to push the bicycle late night along the empty road with their chat and loud laughs! Amazing .... All i could learn that is "A happy family needs just well understood hearts" i am sure they will have a matchbox sized house, money to survive for the day but they will have unlimited happiness, their kid gets a night luxury ride and more importantly its a small family but a very happy family.... 
"Happiness is money free"- Random Lines - ZAC

Expectations- what is in for the experienced?


Its one of the most pronounced words and results to be very expressive. But, this very expectation can seed million misunderstanding. I seriously believe that this word is very exclusive for the matured, for the ones who have understood the true meaning and expect things only from within, individuals who are profound in their thinking, one who feels character is the real treasure.

How does this seed misunderstanding?
When one expects from another and if he/she does not fulfill or if he/she does not do the way the other expected it ends in a sad note. This impact is highly determined by the nature of expectation and the kind of the person who expects. Relationships is often distorted, people often are left down with this very EXPECTATION.People who have really experienced will for sure accept my school of thought.

What is the best way to EXPECT?
I think the best way of exercising this is expecting things from within. Self competing, i personally feel that expectations fr…